better health management is a journey.

we have a map.

better health
is a journey.

we have
a map.

what is map4health?

map4health is a patient engagement, support and monitoring platform that enhances and extends your current diabetes group education programs.

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map4health features

high-touch meets high-tech

We provide the tools, training and support that helps educators integrate map4health into new or existing education programs. We work with educators to design a program that integrates digital to facilitate patient adoption and engagement.

prepare and reinforce

At-home activities encourages your patients to put what they learn into practice while preparing for upcoming sessions. Activities provide more context for deeper group discussions and help patients feel more confident about being successful post-sessions.

stay connected

map4health allows patients to bring their discussions home. Text and video chat with educator and care team makes on-going support quick and efficient, while forums allow patients to stay connected to their peers.

identify trends

Patient-generated data is clearly visualized in charts to allow educators and patients to monitor their health progress against clinical outcomes as well as healthy behaviors.

simple and intuitive

map4health was designed to be easy-to-use to simplify health tracking and monitoring. Apple and Samsung Health App integrations, BLE device connectivity and new OCR technology (using smartphone camera) make capturing data as simple as a tap.

a trusted brand

we take data security seriously. map4health is HIPAA-compliant and HITRUST CSF certified.


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